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About Us

The plant-centric adventures event, ‘Botany Fest’ organized since 2017 in Gujarat state at Waghai Botanical Garden in collaboration with South Dang Forest Division and The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara. In the last four years, Botany Fest has garnered the interest of plant science in undergraduate and postgraduate students of Botany, Environmental Science, Ayurvedic students, and Forestry students.

To inculcate the indigenous practical values and knowledge with fun, facts, puzzles, and games along with all age groups (especially high school students), the Botany Fest event has incorporated as Non-Profit Organization ‘BotanyFest Foundation’ and is looking forward to an expansion in all over India and across the globe.


  • Organising Botany Fest – A Plant Centric Adventures Event across India and Globe.
  • Forming an order Green Entrepreneurs (Botanists, Zoologists, Environmentalists, Agriculturists and Nature Lovers) across India and Globe.
  • Awareness programmes of Plant Science, Environment, Biological Science, and Ecology and Organising Field Tours for the same. Conservation of Rare, Endangered and Threaten Plants.
  • Developing observation skills towards Plants and Nature to find answers and solutions to problems. Providing Platform for student for their Innovative ideas.
  • Making Documentary films, Publishing Books and Magazines and Opening Souvenir Shops. Promoting Ethnic Food through Food Festivals.


To germinate a seed-link of gratefulness towards plant and Mother Nature in Human being.


To form an order of Green Entrepreneurs (Botanist, Zoologist, Environmentalists, and Nature Lovers) to strengthen the Ecosystem and Mother Nature.

Organisational SET-UP


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