Phytohunt 3.0
Parks and Garden

Instructions/ How to Play

• Participants will get the clue on the website
• Participants will have to reach to the plant given in riddle
• Participants have to enter the tree label as answer to get next clue
• Participants/ Team who will solve all the clues and finishes the game in least time will be winner

Click below Button to Start Semi-Digital Plant-Centric Treasure Hunt
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Rules of this Hunt
1. No plants should be harmed during the game.
2. No flower should be picked during the game.
3. Participants should pick the clue of their team, picking, hiding, or misplacing the clues of another team will be enough to disqualify the team.
4. No participants will enter in restricted zone and in the garden.
5. Participants are allowed to use the mobile application ‘Jungle Journal’ during the game.
6. The duration of game will be 45 Minutes .
Phytohunt 3.0 Arboretum
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